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Прохождение игры исход с земли 7 уровень

Рады Вас видеть на страничке посвящённой: Wheely 7: Detective - Game Walkthrough (all levels), которая имеет отношение к категории Games. Искренне надеемся, что данный видео ролик сможет Вам помочь пройти ту или иную игру, решить появившуюся проблему и преодолеть препятствие. Ролик Прохождение игры исход с земли 7 уровень имеет объемную длительность и хорошее число просмотров: 45165, и примерное число положительных оценок: 1811, и неудовлетворенных юзеров в количестве: 7 людей. Успешного просмотра и успехов в Game World!

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If you think that red car is now living peacefully with his pretty car friend, well he is back to explore the outside world again. Wheely 7 will give you new challenges and puzzles to solve. Wheely the red car is now a detective and is trying to look for the stolen money. Just like before, you must interact with the objects around to activate certain events; push buttons, slide objects or rotate valves. Be sure to reach the red flag somewhere on the platform to complete the level. There are also hidden items and you will obtain perfect stars if you collect them all!



Wheely is back for his seventh game. In the last game he had to save his love from a fairy tale gone wrong. He’s now back minding his day to day activity and he just came home from the bank. On his way out, a group of unknown cars have stolen something from the bank and Wheely has the urge to capture them for some reason as he finds a clue which is a plate number from one of the culprit cars. Wheely must now play detective and apprehend these evildoers in some way.


Wheely 7 uses the same art style and visual presentation from the first 6 games. In this game though you can see that there is a notable enhancement when it comes to the visual tone and overall color making the game look more vibrant. The animations in game are still as fluent and smooth as ever. The music is pretty much the same from the first 6 games. It’s like the game’s anthem and recurring themes per stage and in the side aspects. You are treated to a nice little comic book opening and ending which are nicely done in all aspects.


Wheely 7 like the first 6 games is a 2D side scroller with puzzle elements. It isn’t a fast paced game although there are times that you have to be fast in order to avoid getting Wheely killed. There are only 15 levels in the game and the objective per level varies. There could be objectives where you just have to get Wheely to the end zone of the level. Most of the levels involve puzzle solving and some detective work. There are levels where the players have to add up and deduce the clues to move on. In these levels they are in no danger of getting killed in any way. There are also levels where the platforming element comes into play. Wheely has to avoid getting hit by terrain hazards like spikes, lasers, water, pitfalls and enemy cars. The players have to click some aspects and parts of the stage to make things happen. They can pull a lever, press a button, or click on something to make things happen that could or could not affect the level entirely. There are even levels where you play a different sub-game to solve the level. It’s like in one level where you play Tetris to get the trucks moving forward. There are also the levels that you have to capture the enemy cars or the culprits behind the bank robbery. Completing the level grants you one star. Two other stars can be obtained when finding a miniature Wheely or a Wheel. You can find these items by clicking on the levels to reveal them. They are not needed to finish the level as you can proceed even with only one star. Gaining them can be an added challenge which is why some people do it to have a sense of completion.

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