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Прохождение игры rainbowers

Рады Вас видеть на странице посвящённой: The Rainbowers - iPhone Gameplay, которая относится к категории Games. Очень надеемся, что данный ролик сможет Вам помочь пройти ту или иную игру, решить возникшую проблему и преодолеть препятствие. Ролик Прохождение игры rainbowers имеет объемную продолжительность и немаленькое число просмотров: 28912, и примерное число положительных оценок: 2706, и неудовлетворенных юзеров в числе: 12 людей. Удачного просмотра и везенья в игровом мире!

Описание видеоролика:

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iTunes Description :

The Rainbowers is a funny and challenging puzzle game about a cute little monster Family who inhabited the Rainbow Valley and feasted upon delicious color drops, oozing from the glorious Rainbow. One day furious tornado came and destroyed the Rainbow and scattered its drops all over the valley.

Help The Rainbowers in their journey across caves, forests and open fields find spider webs, containing remaining Rainbow drops. Find and use mysterious special drops and restore the Rainbow to its former glory!

Your quest now begins! Help The Rainbowers to rebuild the Rainbow!

The Family
Meet The Rainbowers -- Papa, Mama and their charming Kid. They will entertain you along the way! Never a dull moment with their fun and a bit crazy follies.

The Fun
Interact with juicy drops gently and wisely, for they are fun to deal with. No illogical moves are let in -- neat physics keep each and every encounter fascinating and leave you craving for more.

The Challenge
Solve spider web puzzles to gather precious drops, help The Rainbowers out! Don't hesitate, don't let troubles lead you off the path, for he who dares wins! A number of great special drops will help you along the thorny way of puzzle solving.

- 3 enthralling Locations
- Enchanting physics of color drops
- Interactive Spider Web
- Funny and adorable characters
- Mesmerizing graphics
- Mighty special drops

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