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Warlock игра прохождение

Рады Вас видеть на странице посвящённой: Warlock (Genesis) - Full Walkthrough, которая имеет отношение к категории Games. Очень надеемся, что данный видео ролик сможет Вам помочь пройти эту игру, решить появившуюся проблему и преодолеть препятствие. Видео Warlock игра прохождение имеет объемную длительность и отличное количество просмотров: 3826, и приблизительное число положительных мнений: 1954, и неудовлетворенных юзеров в числе: 13 людей. Удачного просмотра и везенья в игровом мире!

Описание ролика:

A walkthrough of a somewhat unknown game for Sega Genesis/Mega Drive (at least I didn't find too many videos of it). It often gets bashed in reviews, but to me it is one of the better SMD games. At the very least some certain developers could learn much from Warlock. I like the creepy atmosphere of some places in this game and I especially like the castle. The music is good too: my favorite tracks are miniboss theme (usually plays when you fight living armors in castle), cemetery theme and the demon battle/final boss theme.

The game is based on the movie "Warlock 2" and if you've never seen any of Warlock movies, I recommend to watch them (at least 1&2 and especially the first one) if you're a horror fan.

The whole playthrough may be quite long, but that's the best I could do, considering I never died and had to restart the whole level because of it. Also there is a perfect fight with the final boss at the end (I don't know how I managed to do it after an hour of trying to survive).

That's all I wanted to say. I hope, you will like this video. I, myself, enjoyed making it, since it is one of my favorite games.

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